Eco Framing was created as an extension of the San Francisco artist and photographer Bennett Hall’s studio. Motivated by a belief that the frame was integral to the art if not art itself, Hall created an environment in which framers were encouraged to “push the envelope” of materials, design, and craftsmanship. Our staff of expert framers and designers are artists in their own right, and will collaborate with you to achieve innovative results for your artistic creations.

Economic Results
If you are framing for a show, we will help you produce your exhibit in the most cost effective manner possible. By working with our team to determine the most efficient production approach and the best selection of materials, amazing cost savings can be realized. Work with our team to help you save money.

Large Selection
You want your art to look 100% original and unique. Will that happen if you use a basic black frame or silver aluminum molding? Maybe yes, likely no. We offer the most diverse selection of molding anywhere, any color, any style, any size, and across all price points.

Unique design approach
Sometimes there are no moldings made that are the ideal match for a piece of art. We will work with you to create a custom look. As such, our no-holds-barred approach allows artists an opportunity to create frames with our team without any limits. This customization may involve custom-milling moldings, hand-painting molding and mats, special dimensional shadow boxes, sculptural forms and assemblages – you name it. We love the challenge.

Frame as Art
Try making a frame out of furniture, wrap molding with vinyl from a 56 Chevy, nail 7UP caps to every inch of a frame, glue feathers on the matting or burn the molding with a blow torch and paint over the result. Make that frame art itself.

Canvas Framing
There are many ways to stretch a canvas and we offer all of them.
Think size, depth, unique shapes, and wrapping methods…all of this is variable and can effect the look. Structural integrity is paramount to whatever we create. And, we have moldings specifically designed for canvas framing or will custom mill and paint edge framing if you prefer

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