Custom framed mirrors in any size, style, and quality.

Although standard 1.4" beveled mirrors, perhaps the most common, we provide speciality finishes and speciality glass as well

• Speciality glass: Pink Rosa, gray, smoked

• Beveling - bevel width varies from 1/2" to 1 1/2"-

• V-grove - a thin ground "v" cut through the mirror as a decorative detail. This is positioned at a specified distance from the edge of the mirror. You can also order these overlaid, creating a "deco" style corner.

• Edge finish: polished, ground and mitered finishes
This is for when you wish to show the edge of the glass.
This also works for a floated or lift style frame

Our standard mirrors are made in the US, and are of superior optical quality float glass, and are 1/4" thick.

• Economy options using imported glass from China are available.
Many people cannot tell the difference and these provide a suitable approach for contract projects. We recommend avoiding this approach for custom mirror frames.

Framing BLOG: How come I can buy a mirror at Costco for $89 in 32 x 40 and yours cost more than twice that?

A: Our mirror glass is made in the US. Frame production is custom, produced entriely in our San Francisco shop. Warehouse retaiiers manufacture their products in large quantities overseas in factories with labor costs and facilities a fraction of ours in the Basy Area.

If you can find a mirror frame that is the RIGHT size and style for your project, by all means buy it. However, the quality is not at the same level. If you need the style to match your interior specifically or the size be of ideal propertioned, use custom framing, which cannot be imported in a container.

By the way, if you do need 500 mirrors, we represent several manufacturers in Asia and are happy to broker the production of a contract order for your project. We access the best possible pricing for you with experienced Asian manufacfturers with long-term success in the US market.

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