Innovative Frames

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Concept art integrated with frame

Floated hand-painted 'death mask of Humphrey Bogart'
9 x 12", 5" deep

Frame 20 x 20
Hand-painted backing
Triple frame composed of three elements with hand-painted
copper insert

Humphrey Bogart Death Mask 1/1, by Bennett Hall © 2001
Hand-painted Frame and matting

Standard frame has been modified through hand-applied paint and stenciling

Matting was done to coordinate with the moulding.

My Boy is over there too
Random-brush Steel Float

Hand-tinted images on random-brushed stainless steel panel. Approximately 48 x 90" with individual images 12 x 12." Images are removable to allow for display to be updated to reflect the changes on the client's business operations.

16 gauge stainless steel laminated to MDF, painted edge exposed

Image mounted to Gatorfoam or other substrates
1/2" subframing provides floated loook for image

Art: miniature bronze casting, 1972, 9x6" x 3/8"

Max Moulding, scalloped edges 2.5",
float on majesty silk from framing fabrics
fabric wrapped 8ply with silk, lifted to create well for bronze
museum glass, reduced reflecetion
"Turbulence" by Bennett Hall

Integrate framing with Bronze Sculpture
Simulation of artifact removed from thousand year old temple

Two 1/1 custom Branze castings

Castings are floated on an intentionally aged, cut panel, finished with special paints, enfused sand and antiquing methods

Flying hands

Bay Bridge Abstract

1/1 Hand-tinted gelatin silver print in hand-crafted frame

approx size 60 x 42"

Bay Bridge Abstract

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