Frame Standards
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Standard: Wood frame and Mat

Clean and simple design
low to moderate cost

Mat board: buffered, acid free;
available in a virtually unlimited range of coloirs to match specific decor requirements

Double mat provide accent

Cable car at Powell St turnaround, San Francisco

Archival Framing - Wood frame and Mat

As above+upgrades to matting and backing.
Conservation materials and methods are used throughout the process

Matting is usually either 4ply or 8 ply 100% cotton rag board, new FSC certified paper mats are available
Conservation glazing
Exhibition print with captions in 2nd window

Standard framing and mat
Caption information is inserted into a second mat opening norally centered in the space below the image

Caption card: mounted to 2 plly


"Floated" artwork

Artwork: is hinged or set on lift which makes the art appear to be floating inside the frame. This is especially effective with deckle edge (ragged look) and thicker materials

Rabett or Liner: inside rabbet exposed area has mat board, or liner, usually matching the backing

Backing: Mat board, fabric wrap or other creative surface treatments to set off the piece. Proportions of visible materials vary with the artwork

as shown: Frame Size: 24 x 32:
Approx retail value of frame: $325 with certified wood frame

Framing: Frame space - no matting -
Image 'bleeds" to the edge of the frame

Frame: Studio Moulding

Mount: Drymount image best for a flat consistent look

frame space:
inserted inside rabbet to seperate glazing from the artwork

Image: 16 x 16"
Approximate retail value of frame: $150

Hand-painted mats

or special projects, hand-painted mats add a unique look that can precisely coordinate with the frame, artwork, and interior finishes

Image: weddding Certificate, 8.5 x 11"
Frame: silver distressed antique, $12/foot
Matting: silk wrap
Hand-painted bottom mat - 4 colors blended on 8 ply

Approximate retail value of frame: $225

PPIE man drinking at stand

bronze cast face


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