FlexFrame Clients

Clients using this interchangeable display include:

US District Courts, Northern District of California
Bay Clubs (multiple clubs)
Olympic Club
BMC Software
Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles
NewCon Construction
Viant Real Estate

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Bay Club

Bay Club San Francisco
Bay Club Marin
Bay Club Bank of America
Golden Gate Athletic Club
Corte Madera
San Diego

Personnel Display and Personal Marketing

FlexFrames are used in the
Main lobby at the SF Bay Club for Personnel display, enabling economical adaptation to staff changes.

The Clubs also use FlexFrame to feature resumes promoting fitness instructors and massage therapists which tend to have a regular turnover. These displays enable members to see a portrait of the practitioner and a background statement assisting them in deciding which practitioner they are most comfortable with.

Event and Program Displays, Hand-outs

The Bay Club has constant and varied events of all kinds. In order to provide an elegant environment and display this content conveniently, FlexFrames were installed throughout the Clubs. Previously, the Club has used a variety of easles and even push pins and tape to display this type of content.

These fixtures are in standard sizes to accommodate both poster size displays and smaller 8.5 x 11" flyers, all made in-house by the Club's. Deep-slot PlexiPockets are used for bulk hand-outs such as schedule information that members pick-up and take with them.

Case Study

Olympic Club, Lakeside

Board of Directors Display

The Olympic Club re-elects and changes its 38 member Board of Director and Committee annually. This requires the display of portraits to adapt to this seasonal change.


We created a custom "casework" style FlexFrame as the solution, enabling the club to change the portrait and name card as an element of the larger display. New portraits are mounted at our production facility and shipped to the Club for installation by Club staff. Each portrait is designed to fit within a filet style frame which sets the correct position for each Board or committee member. The outer frame is removable through a security lock on the bottom of the frame.

Marimba (BMC Software)

Customer Testimonials

Marimba solutions are used by diverse market segments. In order to communicate specific applications Marimba uses FlexFrame to display client testimonials that tell how solutions are used and realized benefits. Each FlexFrame features quotes from their clients senior managers combined with their logo.

The benefit to Marimba is an ever evolving method to broadcast how customer benefit from their technology. This reinforces Marimba's brand to both Marimba personnel, channel partners and customers.

See www.marimba.com for more information on Marimba.

Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles

Celebrity Visitors

Business Image Group built large cases for displaying recent celebrities visitors. Each case holds multiple images of celebrities floated on 100% silk with raised metal stars. The cases are framed in a 4" gold-leaf molding that compliments the Hotels decor. Cases are operable via a special locking key on the bottom of the frame.

In addition, we installed interchangeable displays in the primary meeting room of the hotel. These fixtures enable catering or sales to "program" the room for special meetings using product or food photography specially applicable to sales presentations. The potential customer is unaware that the visual content reinforcing the sales persons message is customized.


Progamming Displays

FlexFrames at the entrance to the on-air KTVU Fox 2 studio feature film clips of the station programing. Each frame holds 18 images selected to feature ever changing programing.

(Each panel is 40" x 30")

NewCon Construction

Project Displays - Site Photography

Newcon's diverse client projects are displayed in their offices on
FlexFrames to enable them to change or feature different projects.

Business Image Group provided architectural photography which was digitally retouched to optimized the visual appearance of the project. The resulting digital archive was then available for use on the companies website and other applications.

Executive offices - Personal Displays

Individual FlexFrames were installed in staff ofices to enable personalized displays of their favorite photographs, quotes, projects. The design objective was to create an integrated look throughout the organization for personal content.

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