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Eco Framing curates its moulding selection carefully to provide a range of styles and prices points appropriate for any design objective. Further, we interview each supplier to understand their manufacturing processes, including sourcing of materials, certifications if any, and considerations that weigh the eco-friendly aspects of their products. Which this information, we cull the best available and help you make informed decisions that blend budget, style and carbon neutrality.

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Of final note, suppliers often produce in factories around the world, using varying sources of raw materials and this varies from line to line by supplier. We research this line by line so you can be informed of what you are buying, where it came from and how it was made. Not all claims to "green" are equal therefore. We advocate lines produced accordingly the best environmental practices possible.

The choices is yours, and we hope you will join us when selecting new custom orders in selected sustainable products that are made in America with integrity.

Meet our Moulding Suppliers
Larson Juhl, is America's leading framing supplier, owned by Berkshire Hathaway which operates its own mill in Wisconsin factory which has top quality air pollution and water pollution controls in place, and exceptional recycling standards. Many of their products made here are certified, or produced with the methods based on those standards.

Larson's distribution and size has advantages in enables us to provide you with diverse style options with reduction in price, packaging and shipping waste, and from a company that is sincerely working as a company at reducing their carbon footprint

We advocate their US Made products first and foremost.

See article (Acrobat pdf) regarding Larson-Juhl's manufacturing facility in Ashland, Wisconsin, and their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Larson on the Web

Garrett: Family company with roots in Santa Cruz. There featured moulding lines are made from American selected forested and certified maple, cherry, walnut, oak, and poplar. Their plant has state of the art sanding and finishing operations. The entire supply chains is in America, forested here, milled here, finished here in their Georgia facility. They offer exceptional personal service and produce custom run capabilities that allow us to design a profile and finish to your exact specifications

Garret on the Web

Rated A+ for Forest Friendly and A+ for Made in America

Picture Woods:
Another American company, Picture Woods is regarded for their excellent craftsmanship and modern styles. Again Picture Woods makes their products with US forested cherry, walnut, white oak, ash, in simple, modern gallery style profiles. Their massive lines stand out for larger pieces using hand selected lumber with the strength support large artwork.

Picture Woods on the Web

Rated A+ for Forest Friendly and A+ for Made in America

The Changing Producers Internationally

The following primarily manufacture their products in Asia, using Indonesian hardwoods. Some are starting to use pine grown as a farmed product in New Zealand, Sweden and other areas of the world, which in turn is finger jointed, gessos and formed into various profiles with innumerable finishes. Some of the production is accordingly the FSC standards, and some lines are certified, though we are reviewing the manufacturing processes presently and compiling more information which will be available here and on our blog.

Max Moulding

Max Moulding on the Web

Studio Moulding:

re studio

the lines that are ECO - are Kota and D Orme

Studio moulding on the web

D Orme

Universal & Arquati

Universal on the Web
Orr Moulding
Speciality - High End - High Craft Moulding

Direct Moulding
This young creative company lead by a passionate team with integrity is turning out some mouldings that we have never seen before. The Koa fills a near lust that may occur if you visit the Islands to have the "real thing", yet this is not practical. They have perfected a veneer process which is made in America to apply renewable Koa veneer on a strong hardwood.

>Koa Wood Veneer on renewable wood for Indonesia
>"New Car" finish ( literally like a Benz)
>Campy and creative modern tiki and skulls
Direct Moulding on the Web

Gryphon Moulding & La Marche Moulding

Gryphon was born out of La Marche originally, and has developed an impressive array of distinctive profiles with a tradition of excellence. Presently, "the circle has completed" with Gryphons purchase of La Marche which had sold to a company in Seattle around the turn of the Century. Their lines are now gradually coming available at friendly prices due to existing inventory. Made in Italy, Spain, South America and Asia, these are ready to ship and have a unique style of their own

Gryphon Moulding on the Web

Roma Moulding
Perhaps Italy's most famous, bold, elegant at a time eclectic moulding designs, top craftsmanship, and prices to match. There are times when there simply is NO substitute
Roma Moulding on the Web

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