Digital Printing & Scanning

Eco Framing offers digital services in scanning, retouching and printing through its partner company, Business Image Group


We use the large format Hewlett Packard Designjet Z3200ps printer . It is a state-of-the-art printer which makes prints of exceptional quality on a variety of media including: photographic, canvas, vinyl, film and fabric.

Digital Image Restoration and Retouching

Modern scanning and restoration process can enable virtually any image to be restored and utilized for professional applications.

Digital restoration methods enhance images by removing scratches and image defects, improving resolution, correcting color balance, and restoring contrast. Missing areas can be recreated.

Retouching can also remove undesirable image elements, such as telephone poles, cars, or even buildings. Portraits can be refined to remove wrinkles, add color, or even improve hairlines or wrinkled clothing.

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