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Eco Framing

Eco Framing

Eco Framing is dedicated to custom picture framing made with
sustainable best practices.

We feature sustainable woods, US Made products that are as local
as possible and a reinvented supply chain that dramatically
reduces the carbon footprint of our work.
We offer top quality, museum-grade work at
lower prices than our competitors.

Greener - Cheaper - Faster



The Eco Framing mission is to reinvent how picture framing is designed and produced—we call this Framing 2.0. We promote mouldings that are FSC, PEFC, and SFI certified (more). We also offer digital media services such as scanning, image restoration, graphic design and printing, which provides you with a single source solution for even the most complex projects.

Services and Approach

Eco-Framing, located in a nearly 5,000 square foot production facility in East Oakland, has one of the largest inventories of moulding and mat board of any custom frame shop. This selection made that unlike other custom shops that must special-order materials for your job, that your project can go intro production immediately, which saves on packing materials, transportation costs and fuel, labor, and reduces the carbon footprint of the work.

Our expert framers are local, professional, and dedicated to their craft - you work directly with the crafts person's that will create your frames.

We offer a wide range of style options, from simple, modern blacks, pewter, silver, copper, to beautiful woods, complemented by the full pallet of mat board colors, fabrics, filets, together providing perfect solutions for every style of decor, home or commercial.

By choosing from our range of in-stock moulding, your frame price is reduced at least 20% from comperable retail.

We have been custom framing since 1980 for clients including United States District Court, Washington Hospital, Momos, Swiss Louis Restaurants, Hills Plaza, the Palace, Centruy Plaza, and Omni Hotels, Williams Sonoma, State of California, Pacifc Bell, Marimba/BMC, and the Bay Clubs

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10am to 4pm, Mon-Fri

Call 510-338-6160
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GREEN Methods

US Milled Hardwoods

Reinvented work-flow reduces
carbon footprint of our services

Learn how to
purchase Custom Framing
at the best possible price


Mission statement from President, Bennett Hall

What our customers say...
see testimonials

"... excellent customer service and a high-level of professionalism..."

"...excellent job with the content layout, the matt board design, and the framing..."

"...It really is a CUSTOM frame operation in the best sense of the word..."

Eco Framing Design Room

Purchase prints from a wide range of Bay Area History
- including Oakland, San Francisco, Silicon Valley -
on our partner web gallery

Broadway & 14th St, Oakland, c.1915

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Full service Design - Content - Publishing

Graphic & digital services
- scanning, digital retouching, restoration - & printing -

FlexFrame enables easy change out of pictures, schedules, testimonials, projects or anything else you can imagine.

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